In this page you can find a mix of projects I participate in, musical recommendations, and some other notes.


Almost since its creation in 2016, I have actively participated in the Academic Orquestra of the University of Coimbra as organizer, musician, and concertmaster. A project that makes me very proud!

European Student Orchestra

"In 2019, the first European Student Orchestra came together in Brussels. 70 musicians from 15 different European countries came to Belgium for one week of rehearsals. At the end of this week, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts hosted us for an unforgettable concert that kicked of the ESO project for real.". Watch the full concert at the link below.

Violin lessons

If you would like to learn how a violin works (it's not only magic), I can help you with that. I teach private lessons and also at Academia de Música de Coimbra.


A trio of portuguese guitar, classical guitar, and cello. A close-to-the-heart collaboration.

ESOF '21

The european student orchestra festival was virtual in 2021, so here is our video performing the String trio Op. 3 No. 1 in F major by J. Haydn.

Cântico à Liberdade

"Cântico à Liberdade" is a track I played in for Diogo Mendes's new album of original pieces "Erudito". Nothing wrong with combining the Coimbra's guitar with a string quartet!

Por este rio acima

A fantastic 1982 album by Fausto Bordalo Dias, portuguese artist, performed live in concert by CAIS in Coimbra on the 24th of April, 2019. Check the after concert video below.


This quartet has no name nor social media page, but for a long time we've had the will to play as an ensemble. It was created among rehearsals for the Academic Orchestra of the University of Coimbra, and now that social distancing rules don't allow us to play together, we decided to make a short video for you. This Sønderho Bridal Trilogy (Part II) is one of our favorite pieces, and is present in our repertoire whenever possible. It's part of the album Wood Works by the exceptional Danish String Quartet. For now, here's Quarantinetet. When this is over and if you enjoy, we promise to find a decent name!

String Quartet No. 1

A string quartet I composed in 2012-2013 during composing classes. Premiered at the auditorium of the Coimbra Music Conservatory in June 2013.

Deixa ficar

A track I recorded with a string quartet for the album "Ponto de Fuga", by Susana China. Have a listen.